NomNom 1.5 Testing Live

Ignore the posts the slider images are linked to, they are just for the purpose of displaying the slider so I can test it on a live site. If anyone notices any strange issues with it or any other part of the theme, please let me know by leaving a comment. I’ll be using this on for a few days before I release it.

- Added Nivo Slider to header with options - Added by request author avatar on post titles with on/off option - Added as suggested on/off option for recent related posts - Removed all shortcode functions and created plugin - Added default options for all theme options (should look like twenty eleven after install) - Fixed header re-sizing for narrow left/right layouts. (Changed width to max width) - Increased narrow sidebar left and right wdth by from 850px to 875px. - Adjusted recent related posts position. - Fixed comment list on attachment page. - Fixed attachment page layout for all layouts. *Thanks Steve for pointing that out - Set width and position of comments for custom layouts to match default.

If you would like to test new versions of NomNom before I release them, email zeaks @ (remove spaces)


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    Thanks for the email! I installed it.

    Future Version Ideas – Options to enable or disable the following: 1) Built in related posts under each post (but currently easy to comment out) 2) Tidy Twenty Eleven Comments (but currently easy to add to Custom CSS)

    Including my own CSS file: This isn’t an issue, just observation. I imported my own CSS file into the NomNom style.css but when I have the Tidy Comment code in there it messes things up. So I put the Tidy Comment code into the NomNom Options Custom CSS area. Now everything works fine.

    Links to check see it live:
    My Site Front Page
    Single post with comments and image with caption
    Attachment page showing image

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      Thanks Steve, it’s nice to see it in use on a large site. I like the idea about the related posts, i might add this option tomorrow.

      The issue with the tidy comments could be the order the stylesheets were loaded maybe? I haven’t tried to make a child theme of a child theme before, but it would explain why the same code works in one area but not another.

      The custom CSS area is good for that, but it’s nice to have a hard copy of your changes, I added it for users that were not comfortable editing files.

      I don’t think I would add the tidy comment css, it’s just something I played around with for 10 minutes. I might later on come up with a better design for them to save space, they seem to be styled around having the huge avatar on the side.

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        “The issue with the tidy comments could be the order the stylesheets were loaded maybe? ”

        With the comment CSS in the file… when I import my CSS at the top like I posted in the forum, then none of my CSS was used. When I import it into your style.css at the very bottom then the tidy comments size was very strange looking. It’s not a problem, I’ll only be using it on 2 sites probably, so I stopped trying to get it to work in my style.css.

        Thanks for the hard work and effort. This theme is excellent and does exactly what I need it to do.

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        I got the custom CSS to work. All I had to do was add !important to the .commentlist so it ends up being

        .commentlist {
        	width: 100% !important;
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    amazing Stuff! I love that you give us your insight for free, since theres no way i’d have the knowledge or the time to get to this myself

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      Hey Harry. Hopefully I can get it released tonight, if not then tomorrow. I’m still testing things, fixing up the options panel and decided to throw in a couple of simple on/off options.

      I spent alot of time on the comments and I’m hoping I didn’t miss anything.

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      I’m not sure on that. This is the first time I’ve ever played around with them. But I’ve read this will display them in template files.

      <?php echo do_shortcode('[shortcode option1="value1" option2="value2"]'); ?>

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