NomNom 1.5 – Twenty Eleven Child Theme and Plugin

I’ve just finished a major update of NomNom child theme. There’s lots of changes and new features in this release. Nivo slider has been added to the header with options which is one of the new features.

Please see the Updated NomNom theme page NomNom Theme which has a full list of features and info.

I’ve also as of version 1.5 removed all shortcodes from NomNom theme. If you were using these shortcodes, don’t worry, I’ve created a plugin which will allow you to keep using them or start using them if you want. You can grab that here

Here is the changelog for 1.5

v1.5 8/31/11 -

Added Nivo Slider to header with options Added by request author avatar on post titles with on/off option Added as suggested on/off option for recent related posts Added comment bubble on/off switch Added searcform in header on/off switch Added ajax to Custom CSS section and other areas, most options should not require page reload to save. Added by request tidy comment CSS (Allows more comment area by using 1 column CSS on all layouts, edit at own risk) Added tabbed layout options panel. (saves space when future options are added) Added Site Preview in NomNom Options Redesigned the comments for all layouts (had no choice it was either all or none, and they looked bad with the 3 column) Removed all shortcode functions and created plugin Added default options for all theme options (should look like twenty eleven after install) Added a class to the body element for all custom layouts .custom-layouts, this will effect all custom layouts. Fixed header resizing for narrow left/right layouts. (Changed width to max width) Increased narrow sidebar left and right width by from 850px to 875px. Adjusted recent related posts position. Fixed comment list on attachment page. Fixed attachment page layout for all layouts. *Thanks Steve for pointing that out Set width and position of comments for custom layouts to match default.

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