NomNom Twenty Eleven Child Theme v1.4

Here’s the new version of NomNom theme. This version features 3 new 3 column layouts, left and right sidebars, 2 left or 2 right with a 1000px width. A new widget area had to be added for this, on 2 column layouts that widget will display under the primary sidebar widget.

For those who want to show only the top menu, there’s now an option to turn the lower navigation menu on or off, and the menus will work as default on first install (will once again list pages).

The header can now be re-sized from NomNom Options page, you must upload a new image to see the changes. And the last new option is a custom CSS area. You can add any CSS to this without editing stylesheets, it will override the theme default style and will not be overwritten during an upgrade. I’ve also included a link to a new CSS Snippet forum post that I will continue to update.

And one last fix, the options page should display properly in IE.

Please let me know of any issues with the new layouts or anything else.

Download it Now!


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    Nice job Zeaks! Last time i downloaded it i was getting alot of errors, looks like you cleaned things up now.
    I like all the different layouts and color schemes you added and the option panel looks great.

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      Hi Harry, using the left sidebar layout this is the CSS I’m using.

      .left-sidebar #secondary, .left-sidebar #extra-sidebar {  margin-left: 3.6%; }
      .left-sidebar #content {
          margin: 0 3.6% 0 27%;
          width: 68.4%;

      I just used firebug to figure it out, then added it to the custom CSS area in NomNom Options. The CSS for the header is on the forums, there’s a link in NomNom options to it and other css snippets.

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    Hi zeaks. I have two question.

    1. Those social icons in your sidebar… Did you do it manually or is it a plugin?
    2. How did you do that “connect with”? is it a plugin?

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    @harry I’ve been working on a new version and new features and it’s almost done.

    New features and options -
    - Option to display full post or excerpts with thumbnails
    - Nivo Slider added with options such as transition effects, transition speed, image pause, select featured image category, number of images to rotate though, slider on/off.
    - I’ve removed all the shortcode functions from the theme. The reason for this, you’re stuck with the same theme forever if you want to keep your shortcodes working. So instead, I’ve created a plugin which will allow you to continue using your current shortcodes even if you switch themes.

    It seems to work fairly well so far, it will use whatever size is selected from the header options in nomnom, and will rescale for all layouts except my own custom ones which I’m working on right now.

    You can check it out on my test site (if it looks broken, I’m probably working on it)

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