Instant WordPress for local testing

I stumbled across this neat WordPress bundle the other day and gave it a try.

It’s an instant WordPress setup that can be used for local testing and even run off a USB stick. The free 54ish mb file comes with its own Apache webserver, php and mySQL, and even it’s own dummy content from WPCandy.

Until I discovered this, I would always install apache,mysql and php manually, download WordPress and configure everything, which was quite a bit of work.

Here’s a shot of the control panel.

This is perfect for anyone running a live site that wants to test out new plugins, themes or edit their existing theme without worry of ruining your main site. It’s not recommended to be used for live websites.

Anyways, give it a try, you can download it from the Instant WordPress site.

6 thoughts on “Instant WordPress for local testing

  1. Gracie

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  2. Lacey12

    Thanks for sharing with us this new things can be have in our stuff, this preview of instant WordPress is such a cool application…

  3. Leslie42

    Good thing there’s a what we called Instant WordPress, that will provide a huge help to all who wanted to have a great start…


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