NomNom 2.0 Child Theme and Shortcodes Plugin

NomNom 2.0 has been released along with the updated shortcodes plugin.

I’ve decided to make NomNom 2.0 a premium theme as I have spent over a year creating it and countless hours giving support, it’s been very time consuming. (1.7 will always be available , keep reading)

NomNom 2.0 theme costs just $5.00. With that you’ll get NomNom theme, the shortcodes plugin, upgrades, access to premium forums and the FAQ section of the new site and as much support as I can offer. Anyone who has previously donated to NomNom will receive a free membership.


You can check out the new site with all the information on NomNom 2.0 theme here

Here are some of the new features you’ll find in NomNom 2.0

  • Added 2 new layouts. Left and Right sidebars with less padding. 6% more overall content space.
  • Added option to display a large featured image above the posts instead of the regular small one.
  • Added option to turn off NomNoms CSS3 effects #css-effects
  • Added a full width page template.
  • Added back to top link in footer.
  • Added adsense block to header copy your 468×60 adsense code to adsense-header.php
  • Now translation ready with French translation thanks to FXB
  • Style Compatible with BBpress 2.0, just install and go.
  • Split site wide comments option, now you can choose from post or page comments
  • Recoded related posts. They now display a thumbnail and title instead of an excerpt.

I didn’t want to leave anyone with a theme that isn’t updated anymore so the current version, 1.7 will continue to receive bug fixes and I will address any issues as I always have but It will not receive any new features. I should have an update to 1.7 within the next week.

7 thoughts on “NomNom 2.0 Child Theme and Shortcodes Plugin

  1. stephanebidouze

    I’ve just tried the demo of the 2.0 and can not find the full width option, where is it??

      1. stephanebidouze

        Ok, i see the page, but the page width is exactly the same as usual, i try to find a solution to change the page width in nom nom theme 1200px or more, i thought nomnom2 permit it , but i don’t see any change in page width in all your demos.

      2. Zeaks

        Post author

        The page template content is wider. The default template uses a content width of width: 68.9%, I increased this to 90%. It’s not a huge change and easy to do, but I received this question several times so I thought I’d include it.

        I created a default page template so you can compare the two templates.

        Default template –
        Wide Template –

        The width of the #page is only 1000px, increasing that to 1200 for one page would not match the rest of the site. You could increase the width of the entire site to 1200 though.

  2. Howard Jones

    Haven’t used the Nomnom theme before but it looks slick. I am going to try it and see how it works for me.

  3. Babs

    I have been using this theme practically since day 1. I love, love, love it! Every time I think about trying another theme, I always end up back with NomNom. It is the only responsive theme that does what I need it to do. As soon as business picks up for me I’ll be making a purchase of the premium version (yeah, I know it’s only five bucks, but I’m a starving artist, lol).


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