Three Column – Twenty Eleven

Lots of people have asked how to create a three column Twenty Eleven, so I decided to take NomNom theme and strip it down for those who just need the 3 column layouts.
Simply install, and check Appearance > Theme Options to see 3 new 3 column layouts.
Gallery thumbnails look best at around 125×125 px because of the narrow content with new layouts and will allow 3 gallery thumbs horizontal.

Please comment if you notice an issue.

Download it Now!

Twenty Eleven Three Column


  1. Hermino says


    the additional three column design is neraly perfekt for me, thank’s a lot!
    One thing: Is it possible to have two or only one columns (text + sidebar, text only) on some pages?
    And if. how do I get there.

    (sorry for my simple english, and I am an WP newbie).

    Regards, Hermino (Germany)

  2. Pino says

    I use the longest time this excellent Child Themes in Version 1.1,
    just a simple question,
    I can upgrade to WP 3.6.1 that there are no problems?

    Pino (Italy)

  3. Pino says

    I’m sorry but to be more precise I meant exactly:
    I use Twenty Eleven in version 1.5. I can put a day with version 1.6.
    That does not create problems?


  4. says

    I just upgraded my WooCommerce and it says my Theme is broken. I´m using yours and would like to ask if there is any solution to fix this problem. I would still like to use your theme because I build my whole page with it.

    thanks so much for answering!


    • says

      Id need more details than just a “Theme is Broken” message. The three column Twenty Eleven is a child theme, I just tested it and it’s working fine as far as I can see.

      Open a forum post if you have more details on the issue and I’ll try to help you.

  5. says

    Hi there,
    thanks for you fast reply! so thats what I was doing.
    I updated WooCommerce because I had to. After that the page went blank white and I couldnt access the Dashboard. After renaming the folder “themes” into something else the site was accessable again. If I than activate the Twenty Eleven theme (after renaming again to “themes” via ftp) everything is fine. But when I than activate the 3 Columns Theme again the blank white page appears.

    A while ago WordPress told me that the 3 columns theme is broken. thats where I am at the moment and I don´t know how to solve that issue. I love you 3 columns child theme and have used it all the time. still want to use it because its the best in my opinion…

    please don´t make me cry! ;)

    thanks so much for having a look into my case!


  6. says

    hello there,
    yes, I´ve tried activating a fresh copy of the child theme which I took from your site. It looks like the css is not readable by the system. there is not style at all. if I activate the style.css I´ve worked with the page will go blank.

    is your theme compatible with the newest version of woocommerce and wordpress?

    I don´t know what to do at this moment and am hoping for you help.

    thanks so much in advance


    • says

      There s nothing wrong with the style.css in the download I just tried installing it on a test site everythign works as it should. If twenty Eleven is compatible with woocommerce then this theme will be. This theme simple adds more layouts to the theme options than what is available in the parent theme.

      If you’re getting errors such as style.css is missing, I’d suggest taking a look at wp-content/themes and checking your theme to make sure the file/folder structure is correct. Also ctry validating your CSS if you’ve made any changes to the original.

      If that doesn’t fix the problem I can take a look at it for you if you want. Use the contact link at the top of this site with details on your problem, FTP login information and login info to an account that has access to appearance > themes on your site.

  7. Nick says

    Hi i really enjoy your 3 column 2011 theme. But it does not adjust to a mobile device. Any ideas on how i can change that and make it responsive to the size of a smartphone?

      • Nick says

        Thanks for the quick reply. I actually found out what was wrong. Something I edited before using your theme. Thanks anyways

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