Twenty Plus Lite – Twenty Twelve Child Theme

Twenty Plus Lite, Twenty Twelve child theme. Here’s a new child theme for Twenty Twelve with two color schemes, left and right sidebar layout and more.

GPL Licensed


  • Dark and Light color schemes
  • Left or right sidebars
  • Display excerpts or Full Posts
  • Three footer widgets
  • wp-PageNavi ready, styles included


This is the lite version of Twenty Plus Pro Try it, use it, and if you like it and want bigger and better features, consider upgrading!


  1. Ulrich says

    Dear Zeaks, thank you so much. Great service! Tried to modify th 2012 by my own but than I came across yyou website and offer of the 2012 pro. You saved me a lot of work. Thank you, Ulrich from Germany

  2. says

    added all your code for footer/widgets. I have white space in what looks like should be the 3rd widget area. as I add widgets, they stack in the far left and middle areas. what do you think? thanks. Theresa

  3. says

    never mind the above comment; I got it to work – might have had some operator error going on :) Anyway thanks a lot for the tutorial and code. I really like the Twenty Twelve theme but really wanted a footer. Theresa

  4. says

    Hi, Just trying out your 20 + Lite child theme but can’t for the life of me find how to show post excerpts. It must be blindingly obvious because it’s one of the features… I can add in post excerpts, but want to display them in all post search pages, not on my home page – any pointers? Thanks.

    • says

      Just to explain, I can fins how to select to show post excerpts for a blog home page, but not fir when you search a category for eg.

  5. says

    Dear, Zeak blog Thk you for tutorial, due i am new in editing theme, do you have the sample twenty twelve theme already modified. And how to modified the static home page with beautiful look. Thanks

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