Twenty Twelve – Dark Child Theme

Here’s a free Twenty Twelve child theme I created based off of the dark color scheme of Twenty Eleven. I’ve adjusted a few of the colors and added a few minor details from the original Twenty Eleven version.

This child theme is wp-PageNavi ready, just install it, disable wp-pagenavi CSS and configure it how you like.

If you notice anything I’ve missed please leave a comment and let me know. Feel free to use it however you like.

GPL Licensed -

Here’s a couple screenshots of the post and blog view.

twentytwelve-dark-post-view twentytwelve-dark-pagenavi twentytwelve-dark-respond


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      I agree, dark websites can be more difficult to read for sometimes. I think part of the reason might be because most websites are light in color and we’re just used to it.

      Text is not always the main content on some websites, photoblogs look great using dark color schemes, I’ve seen alot of gaming websites that look great using dark colors too.

      I find white text on a black background hurts my eyes, I think I’ll lighten this comment box up a bit.

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      Yea for blogs with lots of text its hard for me as well but if you post lots of photos or videos dark themes are great!

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    thanks for sharing this. I was really disappointed when I saw that WordPress had dropped the dark option. This helped me a lot. I just changed the link colors to red, as that has always been my colour scheme.

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    I’ll test this, however, I have one comment. Make your theme extendable in child themes by changing your functions.php to add an “if not function exists”:

    if ( ! function_exists ( 'twentytwelve_content_nav' ) ) {
    	function twentytwelve_content_nav( $nav_id ) {

    That way a child theme can extend it if needed.

    Thanks for a great theme!

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    Thank-you i have been looking to change my site to dark for a few days now! LOL i’m new to wordpress… :)

    Would you be so kind as to tell me how i go about disabling the wp-pagenavi CSS please.

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