WordPress Theme Options plugin 2.0

Ever wanted an easy way to edit your theme but are not comfortable editing files? WP Theme Options 2.0 plugin might be for you then. This plugin will let you make changes to any theme without touching any theme files ever. Your changes will be safe from theme upgrades and even deleted data with the backup & restore feature.


  • 5 Google font selectors with over 35 Google Fonts to choose from
  • 8 Color selector areas where you can change font colors or add background colors to any element
  • Custom CSS area with Syntax Highlighting using Codemirror for you to add any additional CSS to your theme
  • A complete backup/restore and import area for you to save, reset and share your custom changes
  • After installing this you’ll see a new link in the Appearance menu directing you to a simple theme options page that will work for any theme.
    It’s easy to locate the classes and Ids for your particular theme using Firebug and similar programs such as Chromes built in developer tools.


    I’ve created a short list of commonly used classes and Ids for the default WordPress themes for quick reference.

    Get WP Theme Options Plugin

3 thoughts on “WordPress Theme Options plugin 2.0

  1. Jae

    Thanks for this, I’m trying it with twentytwelve and it’s working well. How long before the update?

  2. Zeaks

    Post author

    Should be updated within a week. Plans are to have 6 color pickers with options class options for each, and a backup/restore feature. I removed the link until it’s updated.

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